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               ‘What does it actually entail? I mean, how do you see this playing out?’ Célia asked, her quick mind leap frogging ahead of his own. He’d been so focused on actually getting her to agree, that he didn’t have all his plans in place. But Loukis was used to thinking on his feet. He wasn’t in charge of one of the world’s top ten leading companies for nothing.

               ‘A very public engagement for at least the next four months. After that, I’m sure we can manage a press announcement that outlines how we have decided to amicably separate.’

               ‘Yes, but what does it actually mean? I have a business in Paris, a life there. I have up coming events.’

               Loukis bit back the scoff or derision. She had only one event, he very much knew that to be the case, but if it gave her the semblance of security to exaggerate her schedule, he would allow her that.

               ‘You would need to relocate to Greece for the duration. We would need to be seen in public as much as possible. There would be an engagement party at least, but I would also be willing to accompany you to the… events you have in your diary.’

               ‘How very generous of you,’ she said with as much disdain as womanly possible. ‘Just like that, you expect me to move to Greece?’

               ‘We will, of course, have been keeping our relationship a secret for the past few months. Not only to protect our privacy, but also your business interests. You were deeply concerned about the affect that this would have on the many fabulous charities you already work with.’

               ‘Was I now?’

               ‘Are you not?’

               ‘Yes, of course—’

               ‘Then we are simply backdating a few things.’

               Her pretty amber eyes flashed ominously.

               ‘It is for your benefit as much as mine, I assure you.’ His statement did nothing to dampen the narrowing of her gaze, or the warning it contained. He sighed, resisting the urge to place his head in his hands. ‘I will obviously support financially any expenditure generated by this.’

               ‘Oh, that’s okay then. Because of course my first concern was being out of pocket. Not the fact that you want me to lie to the press, a court of law and your little sister.’

               ‘She is the reason I’m doing this. The only reason. Her happiness and security is my primary concern. I will find you six new clients. I will ensure that your time in this will not be detrimental to you or your business. I will do everything in my power to make this as seamless and painless as possible. Do you agree?’

               ‘Do I have a choice?’

               ‘Of course you do. If you make the right one, you’ll be fine.’

               The unspoken threat hung in the air between them. Loukis could honestly say that this was an all new low, even for him, but he’d not been left with much of the same choice that Célia seemed to desperately want for herself. He held his breath until he saw her head bow and caught her gently muttered agreement.

               ‘Great. I’ll have the paperwork drawn up first thing tomorrow morning.’

No ring, no words of love, no undying declaration. Paperwork. A signature. What on earth had she got herself into? 



The engagement was a lie.

But their connection was all too true.

She’d been hired to repair Loukis Liordis’s public reputation, not become involved in his private affairs. Yet spiralling rumours have Loukis demanding Célia play the role of his fiancée. To deny the Greek would be the end of her career, but to agree…?

For years, Loukis focused on one goal. Now he has the gorgeous Célia to consider. She is tempting beyond reason, and perhaps just the woman he needs. They may have already indulged in their wedding night…but will they make it to the altar?

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