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A RING TO TAKE HIS REVENGE is an intense contemporary romance. The shimmering emotions and sizzling sensuality would keep a reader glued to the pages till the very end. Author Pippa Roscoe once again astounds readers with this mesmerizing romance. 

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Book review
Book review

5 * Reviews from Mills & Boon Readers:

A truly wonderful book... Love conquers all in this warm, sexy, romantic read!

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Three of the world's most notorious bachelors are about to find love in the most unexpected of places!

Antonio, Dimitri and Danyl are bound by a passion for the boardroom, the bedroom and a friendship stronger than blood. And these proud, demanding men have just taken a challenge few could ever hope to achieve. Their horse racing Syndicate is out to win the three legs of the Hanley Cup in Buenos Aires, Dublin and Sydney. With the press hounding their every move, the scandals are sure to follow. Don't miss  the first in this fabulous trilogy.

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‘We should get ready to leave,’ Antonio said to Emma.
     ‘The gala isn’t set to finish yet for another two hours. I—’
     ‘Can let the Foundation staff handle the rest. Besides, I have a feeling you’re going to want to make a quick exit.’
     He didn’t give her time to think about it. He didn’t give himself time to think about it. He had already decided his course of action. He was about to ensure that the world new about his new fiancée, in the quickest most expedient way.
     Antonio pulled her towards him, slipping his arms through the space between his jacket and her body, his hands met the curves he’d imagined to be there, the dip of her small waist, the arch of her back.
     His fingers had a mind of their own as they swept across the silken material of her dress, sparking little bursts of electricity across his skin from the gentle friction. And his lips…
     Emma felt the swift determined crush of Antonio’s mouth against hers. The shock of his hands against her waist, her back had startled her a gasp from her. His tongue made swift work of the opportunity and plunged into her slightly parted mouth.
     Fire. Everything he did, every move he made, conjured up only one word and one sensation. It felt as if flames were licking out across her skin, burning her from the outside in.
     For a shocking moment, she thought her knees might buckle, and thrust out her hands to clutch the material of his shirt in her fists, anchoring them together even further. As his tongue plunged more deeply into her mouth, she felt as if her skin was a barrier to him, to it, to what she wanted.
     And then she heard the whistles. The cheers, and the shouts grew louder until she pulled back from Antonio’s embrace and discovered they had a rather interested audience.
     If Antonio has still been wearing his jacket, she would have tried to hide in his lapels. She wanted the ground to swallow her up. Until she realised that this public display was exactly what Antonio had wanted.
     The stinging blush of embarrassment and shame painting her cheeks prickled and hurt. Of course he hadn’t gotten carried away in the moment, like she had. He had intended this. Was experienced in this. Antonio needed this and he needed her to play the part of doting fiancée, not naïve, out-of-depth PA.

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Harlequin Junkie 4 1/2 * Review Top Pick!

What a great start to this series! It's a classic tale of passion and drama with likable characters and an intriguing story. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series!

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He’ll do anything to settle the scoreeven fake an engagement!

To secure his revenge against his cruel father, billionaire Antonio Arcuri needs a fake fiancée—fast! He demands his shy PA, Emma Guilham, wear his diamond. In return, he’ll help fulfill her dreams—starting with a jet-set trip to Buenos Aires! It’s a simple charade, until the burning tension between them erupts into irresistible desire. Now Antonio must decide between vengeance and Emma…

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